Christine the Cache Creek Drunk

(July 14 2018) Views:
This is how I stay out of jail when drunks decide to visit my house and cause problems for no reason: I document the event then put it on the internet for all to see. I'm out of patience for drunks... but I hope she gets the help she needs.

Mini Twister in the Trailer Park

(May 24 2018) Views:
Nothing like this has ever cruised by my house. I saw a cardboard box approximately 100 meters in the air, it broke 10cm thick dead branches off the willow tree.

Drunk Idiots in Cache Creek

(May 20 2018) Views:
You wanna come into my neighborhood and beat on women? If you bring it here and let it happen, you are accountable. Fuck you drunk assholes... all of you!

Let's Poison Cache Creek Today

(April 30 2018) Views:
It's bad enough they know what Glyphosate does to us and our pets. Why do they have to hide behind stuff when someone films them? Stop poisoning everything!

Cache Creek Flood 2018

(April 27 2018) Views:
Again? Things are changing around here. Strange weather and other stuff always going on. Looks like the Great Tribulation is about to begin.

Checkpoint On My Street

(April 24 2018) Views:
These aren't even official managers and they watch too much television. They thought they were going to scare away my visitors based on "suspicion of illegal activity" which makes them victims of TV, in my opinion.

Ultimate Hotbox 2.0

(April 20 2018) Views:
We were the first to use a dinosaur inflatable costume as a power hotboxer. We used half an ounce each of primo buds to make it happen.

Real Racism in Ashcroft

(December 18 2017) Views:
A friend of mine took a walk in the "wrong part of town" which apparently meant he has the wrong color skin. You wanna whine about whitey and behave like this?

A Fire Truck Came to Visit

(December 12 2017) Views:
These guys got here in 8 minutes! That's awesome, they are more than welcome around here but there was no fire lol. Someone reported a chimney fire from the road when I was burning cardboard.

The Steven Anderson Taser Ringtone

(December 01 2017) Views:
Although these hate preachers will never admit to their vicious attitudes (they hide behind God) I think I got him with this ringtone... it's when he was tasered by border patrol.

Weed Trek 8.5 Stay Tuned!

(November 11 2017) Views:
We forgot "massive bong rips" on episode 8 so we did this instead.

Toxic Waste in Cache Creek

(October 23 2017) Views:
I don't know what you see here, but I see plastic, glass and who knows what else in here. There is NO WAY it's organic unless standards have changed to include plastic as organic material.

Redneck Douchebags at 7AM

(September 07 2017) Views:
It's good that people work. But chipping trees at 7AM in the morning? I wasn't the only one to have an issue either. I only wanted to be able to show my neighbors who these people were, but boss-man decided to come over and push me even though I was across the street.

Cache Creek Smoke

(August 06 2017) Views:
From the Cache Creek "Drive BC" camera facing east towards kamloops on the highway. This is how thick the smoke was getting during the famous Elephant Hill fire of 2017.

Wildfire in Ashcroft Area

(July 07 2017) Views:
The biggest around here ever. Thankfully nobody died but many people lost their homes. I see the bungling of priorities which the government is famous for soaking the area in division tactics, as usual. Baseball diamonds but people are homeless?

Running 100 Meters

(June 19 2017) Views:
I thought I might never do anything like this ever again, but I worked hard at recovering and pushed past my limits a lot, it made me stronger. Don't give up if you think you're in a place where you'll never do something ever again, keep trying.

Colloidal Silver Bong Science

(June 04 2017) Views:
I noticed something interesting while using colloidal silver in my bong. It stayed completely clear during the following week of use! I attribute this to the catalytic reaction between the silver and carbon monoxide.

Hummingbirds in Slow Motion

(May 14 2017) Views:
They look neat with their little beaks and stuff. We have the technology to capture high speed video now, unlike in the 1980s when that sucked.

Flood Tragedy in Cache Creek

(May 05 2017) Views:
One person died and loads of property damage. It's scary how quickly the water can rise in these little creeks around here.

Welcome To My Yard

(May 04 2017) Views:
Don't bother visiting if you're drunk or tweaking on meth. The weird statue will take care of the tweakers, my impatience will take care of the drunks.

Respect Your Local Peace Officers

(March 07 2017) Views:
They are not here to give us a hard time if we are not hurting people. If we didn't have them, there would be anarchy (which sucks) and then there'd be military occupation (which sucks more).

Aaron Gets Car Insurance

(February 27 2017) Views:
Mine ran out. Let's talk about the concept of insurance and why I think it is such a stupid idea. Nevertheless, in a monopolistic socialist kind of system, they can back their play using people with guns.

You Live in a Small Town When

(January 27 2017) Views:
This is how to order pizza when you live in a village of 1000 people. After a while everyone knows your voice on the phone.

Don't Steal From Aaron

(October 12 2016) Views:
I caught this guy stealing. At no time did I ever want trouble over anything, all that was required was a recognizance of the problem. I'm more than willing to forgive but I'm going to help them understand at that point.

Destroy Your RFID Tracking Chip

(September 29 2016) Views:
I decided to find out where the microchip and antennae were by putting this card in the microwave. It defintely has those things in there, do not try this at home.

Trolling Grafitti Days Hotrodders

(June 11 2016) Views:
The only things these cars do is make farty noises and leave streaks all over the ground like you find in your ginch after a night of partying at the "world famous Cache Creek Grafitti Days" LOL

The Pink Pestoe Strikes Again

(June 09 2016) Views:
Train art is cool, but this person had to be like 15 feet tall to get those letters that big. Did they use a ladder? Did they hang upside down? I'm not sure.

Fraudulent Addicts Casing Cache Creek

(May 24 2016) Views:
These clowns were busy scamming their way into senior citizens' homes and stealing their wallets, medications and whatever else loser junkies do. Not on my street... not on my watch.

The Miracle

(May 10 2012) Views:
I had three heart attacks and two comas before being diagnosed with the ultimate rockstar cancer (pheocromocytoma) in one of my adrenalin glands. No wonder I was crazy for years!

Black Widow Farms Tattoo

(2007) Views:
This shop was the second of only two tattoo shops that have ever been here. I met a lot of people and changed how they look forever. Interesting people.

Nels, JR and Others

(1996) Views:
This clip was recorded in 1996, Nels and I were very good friends since grade three, he tragically passed away in 1999 and has been missed ever since.

Aaron and Gwar 1990

(1991) Views:
I was in a movie called Mystery Date, released in 1991. Got to meet Gwar and hang out a few days. It was fun and now it's cool seeing myself at age 16.


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