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2019.07.09 at 14.51.41
Hanging out inside and in the yard every day, and getting along nicely with Princess and Mitzi Mew

2019.07.04 at 13.48.14
Back from the vet yesterday, let him out 7am this morning and here he is back already to hang out in the yard in the afternoon.

2019.06.30 at 17.55.55
Sebastian is looking a lot better now. Day after tomorrow is his big day!

2019.06.24 at 15.50.55
Sebastian is starting to look better, we put silver in his food and he lets me brush him. He has a date at Happy Fun Kitty Town (the vet) on July 3rd

2019.06.04 at 17.00.35
Finally after 13 years, my new CD is available. Here is the cover art for the sleeve. I think 5 bucks for 25 tracks is a good deal.

2019.06.01 at 19.43.47
Sebastian! He made friends with us, lets us pet him and sometimes comes inside

2019.05.21 at 17.36.22
Meet Sebastian, one of the strays. He's nice to the other kitties and wants to be friendly so we adopted him even though he still stays outside

2019.05.11 at 17.25.36
Princess is in the dryer again lol

2019.05.11 at 13.14.23
These are my running shoes. I run in them. Yes I can run. I'm not the fastest but I can probably catch you.

2019.05.09 at 13.29.04
Mitzi Mew is checking out my electric chopper, it needs a battery and a super-long brake cable for the rear brakes

2019.04.23 at 17.46.29
Looking north over the Ashcroft / Cache Creek valley.

2019.03.03 at 17.21.13
Princess sure likes the afternoon sun.

2019.02.22 at 11.06.57
Our awesome bay window was installed today by Quality Glass, they did an awesome job

2019.02.21 at 13.14.12
Out in Kamloops enjoying the sunny winter day

2019.02.19 at 16.29.03
Mitzi Mew is nice and safe inside the safe haha get it? I said like, a pun, and stuff.

2019.02.18 at 00.48.59
Mitzi Mew likes her cat carrier. Soon she'll take it for a ride to "happy kitty fun-town catnip land" to be fixed at the vet. Oops I mean to have an awesome cat fun-town adventure lol

2019.02.11 at 18.00.47
Here's old yeller up near the beginning of Back Valley, just past where the creek flooded out the bridge

2019.02.06 at 13.10.32
North Ashcroft from "the point" up on Mesa Vista, looking north-east

2019.02.04 at 10.29.37
Savona Lake is about to freeze, I think. Sure is nice scenery around here!

2019.02.04 at 10.16.23
Nice chembow in the east morning sky today. No. No it's not a "sundog" lol

2019.02.03 at 16.49.50
Gross! It's -19 Celsius out here in Cache Creek today, with wind chill of -23

2019.01.31 at 14.29.48
Happy kitties (Princess and Mitzi Mew) with their new toys. Princess is just in it for the catnip lol

2019.01.23 at 13.13.12
Big yawnies! Mitzi Mew is having big naps in the front window

2019.01.21 at 16.10.25
Come on! Really? And nobody notices these. If they do, they're somehow "natural" in their minds

2019.01.20 at 20.09.58
An excellent shot of the eclipse in progress. You won't find better quality images anywhere else on the interweb!

2019.01.20 at 19.11.06
Here is an awesome shot of the full moon right before the eclipse, note the fine detail in this professional masterpiece lol

2019.01.18 at 17.04.36
Darkness falls and all is well in the hood tonight

2019.01.18 at 13.27.42
Wow chemtrails over Ashcroft today. As usual, they are directly in front of a "storm system"

2019.01.17 at 10.02.42
Gross January weather heading into Kamloops today.

2019.01.17 at 01.13.46
Captain Aaron makes the best duck-face. Or is it fish-face? Some kind of tree squirrel, perhaps.

2019.01.16 at 18.03.25
All is well in the 'hood tonight. Hasn't been the nicest things going on this last month.

2019.01.16 at 00.08.03
Messing around with the camera at midnight. Bored and can't sleep.

2019.01.14 at 11.00.45
Coming back from Kamloops almost in Cache Creek, the fog on the hillsides looks really cool

2019.01.13 at 18.25.42
Mitzi Mew! She's getting too big for her regular spot on the printer. Gonna have to get her a bed for cats with big butts.

2019.01.13 at 14.11.13
Captain Aaron on point. All day. Erryday.

2019.01.12 at 20.40.31
A close-up view of the front of the Starship Enterweed. There must be really good insulation in that trailer!

2019.01.12 at 20.37.00
I don't remember doing this but I must have been bored and messing with painstshop. It's horrible but it's art lol OR... it's an actual photograph of the Enterweed going through the condom membrane between ours and the alternate universes.

2019.01.12 at 20.27.58
August 2nd, 2017 in Cache Creek BC, the sky and the light looked like this because of the wildfires which devastated the area. Looks like Mars.

2019.01.12 at 20.06.13
They seem to be laying chemtrails out along the coast, west of here. These seem to be a few hours old.

2019.01.10 at 18.45.24
Awwwwwwwwwww sooooo cuuuuuute!!!!!!! !!!!! !! !!!!!! :) :) :) :)

2019.01.10 at 18.43.27
Benson and his brother, Bentley B. Wigglesworth. The "B" is for Bigglesworth. They've been absent for a while, I hope they ok

2019.01.10 at 18.41.53
Benson J. Wigglesworth. We haven't seen him in a few weeks now, him and Mitzi Mew are good friends. The "J" is for "Jigglesworth" lol

2019.01.10 at 18.40.13
A sneak peek at the Weed Trek set. This is where it all happens! Some green paint and a Go-Pro camera on a tripod.

2019.01.10 at 18.37.29
Yes you CAN get a fully-functional Pacman arcade game, the real game, the same height as a lighter for 20$.

2019.01.10 at 01.55.56
People are so in the box that they really don't see these things in the sky. I think they've been subject to predictive programming and simply can't recognize them as artificial.

2019.01.09 at 19.13.44
Steven Anderson is a pastor in Tempe Arizona. He decided to be a lowlife troll and say nasty things. So with this thing called "editing", we had an epic space battle with the Anderborg and annihilated him.

2019.01.09 at 19.12.10
I watched Fraggle Rock as a kid, and dreamed of visiting the Doozers. I finally went, but shot up the place with my phaser for fun. HAAA!

2019.01.09 at 19.11.00
Captain Aaron in 1987 at 14 years old, on Vancouver Island

2019.01.09 at 19.10.19
On the Ashcroft drag strip... with the Prohibition Cadillac in 2017 on an away mission for Weed Trek

2019.01.09 at 19.07.54
Princess is wondering what her daddies is up to. She follows me around everywhere.

2019.01.09 at 19.07.05
Here's your favorite internet show host, Captain Aaron!

2019.01.09 at 18.23.00
It's so awesome how they spray aluminum oxides into the sky to "help us" and still find time to play tic-tac-toe.

2019.01.09 at 18.14.57
Princess is so cute in her little aviator's outfit. She doesn't travel very far, though. Barely down the front steps to do her business lol that's about it.

2019.01.09 at 18.13.12
Oooooh looks like a yummy doobular all ready to go! woot woot

2019.01.09 at 18.11.19
Street mattress! This particular specimen must have been captured by its natural predator: the wolf-truck. Wolf-trucks are keen on hunting street mattresses.

2019.01.09 at 18.10.06
Street mattress! I have a vast collection of street mattress pictures, I'll share some on here. Then you can see them everywhere too! It's awesome.

2019.01.09 at 17.53.36
This one's from November 2016... the strain was OG kush. I got to see these up close, it was a real treat :)

2019.01.09 at 17.19.16
Mitzi Mew! Being cute and adorable, as usual. Unless she's racing around the house at full tilt spinning out, that is.

2019.01.09 at 17.08.34
This particular section of code is what kept me up wayyy too late three nights in a row. I was stumped at how to "super-compress" images in PHP on upload, but now it works great.

2019.01.09 at 17.03.31
haha this guy must work at the cloud factory. Sure is good at making those clouds! :D

2019.01.09 at 13.36.19
Faaar out, maaan! The way that empty pack is almost in the jar, is like, the universe, or something. Whooooa!

2019.01.09 at 12.07.02
My grandfather, Sergeant Stanley Bewza, drove this truck (full of ammunition) up Normandy Beach in France on D-day in 1945, a few hours after troops took the beach.

2019.01.09 at 11.53.49
It's weird how much some ancient Egypt stuff looks a lot like huge versions of today's "micro-computers". Were those perhaps "macro-computers"? This, if true, boggles the mind.

2019.01.09 at 11.46.15
This little guy would come visit my grandmother's front window, and peck at his own reflection. All day. Every day. Sure was cute though :)

2019.01.08 at 12.28.51
Here I am with my new favorite shirt. It came all the way from Alabama from Dr. Kent Hovind :)

2019.01.07 at 15.11.07
Ashcroft Mountain. At least that's what I've known it to be since the age of 2. I grew up right here.

2019.01.07 at 13.38.35
Down in Ashcroft right now, getting the back glass on the cadillac replaced. Brrr it's cold!

2019.01.06 at 17.13.03
Uh oh! Someone must have been thirsty. She must not like the good water which is in the water dish all convenient.

2019.01.06 at 17.10.45
Box Princess approves. Ceiling Cat approves of Box Princess approving. Box Princess approves of Ceiling Cat's approval.

2019.01.06 at 16.54.36
Yah it's beyond my understanding how people do not see these things. That's not normal out there in the sky. Those strips fan out to become a thick blanket which blocks the sun and it's also conductive.

2019.01.06 at 16.53.29
Not sure who this guy is, but glad he's around lol got some complete idiots around these parts.

2019.01.06 at 16.50.20
Here's another nice shot of Gimpy, he didn't make it back in 2018, I will still look for him in 2019 when the weather warms up

2019.01.06 at 16.40.22
My grandfather built the shop back in the early 1990's, and built amazing things out of wood. I learned most of everything I know from him, so although I don't have any woodworking he made, I can make all the woodworking I wish, anytime I want.

2019.01.06 at 16.32.27
Captain Aaron always gots milk. Gots milk? Note how Captain Aaron stylishly shows off the milk product... total pro.

2019.01.06 at 16.20.34
We did the first ever dinosaur costume hotbox, using an electric air pump with a huge metal bowl attached, and half and ounce of weed lit with a torch. It worked very well, do not try this at home.

2019.01.06 at 16.01.24
Meet Mitzi Mew Snicklefritz... she came along in July 2018 which means she was probably born sometime in May 2018. Her colors are really starting to come out! That's quite the blond streak on her forehead

2019.01.06 at 04.06.33
This is me back in 1980 washing my grandpa's car. I never thought I would have this car 40 years later :)

2019.01.06 at 03.39.30
This is Black Beauty. As of this date, I must either rebuild the electric parts or hang it on the wall retired for good... not sure what I want to do yet. It won't sound the same rebuilt.

2019.01.06 at 02.36.13
This is the first official uploaded image in the gallery, taken from my phone, with comments added from the uploader page. I think a 500 character limit is enough for any kind of description for any image. I can always increase the limit or whatever.

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