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Weed Trek - Season Finale

(Episode 39) Views:
August 05 2019:
We might make it home this time to make another shipment. Join us on our season finale.

Weed Trek - UK Spliff Record

(Episode 38) Views:
July 28 2019:
Broken records all over the place. Watch Duuch Bgaak destroy the UK Strain Cainers blindfolded spliff record.

Weed Trek - Alt Universe Update

(Episode 37) Views:
June 14 2019:
Trainwreck crossed with Tuna is the strain for tonight. Join us as we talk about fish farming and how much Wilson sucks.

Weed Trek - Chemtrail Forest Fires

(Episode 36) Views:
June 06 2019:
More wildfires on the way. We talk about how people are coping with the trauma from experiencing forest fires.

Weed Trek - Red Pill Blue Pill

(Episode 35) Views:
May 25 2019:
Tonight we smoke MK Ultra kush and wake up a few of you to the New World Order.

Weed Trek - In Outer Space

(Episode 34) Views:
May 12 2019:
Let us partake in another bland generic show. Tonight we smoke a cross between LA Confidential and OG Kush.

Weed Trek - Monophonic

(Episode 33) Views:
May 05 2019:
I messed up the sound so I overcompensated with the rest of the show. Tonight we smoke Rockstar Kush.

Weed Trek - The Delivery

(Episode 32) Views:
April 22 2019:
We attempt to finish our mission to FarOutMan Five. Tonight we smoke Bubba Kush.

Weed Trek - The Shipment

(Episode 31) Views:
April 13 2019:
Killer Grape is our strain today. Join us on an away mission to Cache Creekian Five to pick up a huge shipment.

Weed Trek - Level Up

(Episode 30) Views:
April 05 2019:
Most epic rant ever, as we sample Nuken Kush

Weed Trek - Creators Of The Month

(Episode 29) Views:
April 03 2019:
We try Peanut Butter Breath as a smoking option. We also became creators of the month at TheWeedtube.com

Weed Trek - Turbo Encabulator

(Episode 28) Views:
March 10 2019:
We perpetuate the classic Turbo Encabulator spoof and smoke our faces off.

Weed Trek - Death Bubba

(Episode 27) Views:
March 05 2019:
We sample Death Bubba tonight, and get into mischief. Allo, Guvna!

Weed Trek - Co2 Power

(Episode 26) Views:
March 02 2019:
TNB Naturals need our help! Will we be able to save them from being attacked by our alternate selves?

Weed Trek - My Bandana

(Episode 25) Views:
February 26 2019:
Do you like my new bandana? Think its phat?

Weed Trek - Blindfolded Joint Rolling

(Episode 24) Views:
February 24 2019:
Let's set the bar for blindfolded joint rolling times. Challengers are welcome.

Weed Trek - Space Weed

(Episode 23) Views:
February 16 2019:
We program the phasers with disastrous results.

Weed Trek - Cruisin

(Episode 22) Views:
February 13 2019:
Tonight we cruise into the differences between CBD and THC. Find out which one I like better.

Weed Trek - TNB Naturals

(Episode 21) Views:
January 27 2019:
TNB Naturals sends us a video transmission in the alternate universe. We cannot keep up to their superior Carbon Dioxide propulsion systems.

Weed Trek - Joint Rolling Tips

(Episode 20) Views:
January 20 2019:
Today we break down the joint rolling process, with Chemo Kush as our strain tonight. #ROLLWARS for any challengers out there.

Weed Trek - Rollwars Hooligans

(Episode 19) Views:
January 19 2019:
Strain Cainers started #ROLLWARS spliff rolling competition and we are totally going to train like Rocky to win. Sour Tangerine is tonight's strain!

Weed Trek - Can You Hear Me Now?

(Episode 18) Views:
January 17 2019:
MK Ultra is on the plate tonight, as is a little reminder that in times like these it is good to reach out to your family and friends to let them know you are there.

Weed Trek - Rockstar

(Episode 17) Views:
December 29 2018:
The strain tonight is Rockstar, and the game is flying around aimlessly and smoke massive amounts of weed.

Weed Trek - Carbon Dioxide

(Episode 16) Views:
December 24 2018:
Chemo Kush! Reminds me of the 90s. Xmas is the topic for tonight and Wilson comes to visit.

Weed Trek - The Captain's Rant

(Episode 15) Views:
December 06 2018:
Cannadential, Rockstar and White Cookies tonight. The Captain's rant is aimed at the corrupt portion of government who want to poison the people with pharmaceuticals.

Weed Trek - Bruce Banner

(Episode 14) Views:
November 29 2018:
Bruce Banner, Death Bubba, and some Cache Creek homegrown are the strains of the day. Duuch Bgaak gets all messed up from Bruce Banner.

Weed Trek - The Borg Hole

(Episode 13) Views:
November 20 2018:
GG Cookies is the strain for tonight. We data dump the Wilsonborg and have fun doing it. Facebook banned us, an honor indeed.

Weed Trek - Infiltration

(Episode 12) Views:
November 08 2018:
Death Bubba and GG Cookies are the strains for tonight. We need to infiltrate our alternate universe ship and data-dump the Wilsonborg so we can get home.

Weed Trek - Vaccination Nation

(Episode 11) Views:
November 01 2018:
Blue Dream is the recreational strain for tonight. Learn about some basic dangers associated with vaccines. Stop getting them.

Weed Trek - Lost In Space

(Episode 10) Views:
October 25 2018:
We sample Gorilla Glue 4 and Rockstar Kush tonight. The Wilsonborg chases us into the literal edge of the universe because we were lipping him off.

Weed Trek - Smoking in Public

(Episode 9) Views:
October 17 2018:
Captain Aaron and Duuch Bgaak are legally smoking weed in public today, on Cache Creekian Five. Today we are sampling OG Kush from our ounce-sized bags in plain view on the table.

Weed Trek - Prohibition Countdown

(Episode 8) Views:
October 14 2018:
In three short days, on Wednesday October 17th, weed will be legal in Canada. Join us tonight as we sample Gorilla Glue number 4 and share our opinions about Canadian legalization.

Weed Trek - Communist Broadcasting Corporation

(Episode 7) Views:
October 10 2018:
Four sample strains tonight: Blue Starburst, OG, MK Ultra and LA Confidential. Let's yap about mindless politics and/or trivial conversation.

Weed Trek - Weed Trek Home Base

(Episode 6) Views:
October 7 2018:
Tonight I sample Rockstar Kush and show the viewers how to operate the website. Rockstar Kush won't make you rock-star famous, but rock-star dumb... maybe.

Weed Trek - Party Time

(Episode 5) Views:
September 28 2018:
Let's sample Purple Candy Cane Kush Cross as we party hard and mess with the computer, then watch things naturally devolve. And stuff!

Weed Trek - Trigger Words

(Episode 4) Views:
September 24 2018:
Why have some words become so offensive? The New World Order seems to think it is useful for world domination. Let's sample two types of Purple Kush!

Weed Trek - Romulan Bong Water

(Episode 3) Views:
September 15 2018:
The Klingon is Back! We have a casual review session of White Widow and some of the best hash I have ever sampled. Captain Aaron drinks the bong water.

Weed Trek - Ladybug Skin

(Episode 2) Views:
September 13 2018:
Dreaming about Fraggle Rock has the Captain thinking about stuff. And things! Tonight's sample strains are Chemfire and Rockstar Kush. Why aren't there humorous rolling papers?

Weed Trek - The Weedtube Box

(Episode 1) Views:
August 28 2018:
Join me tonight as we unbox a gift from The Weedtube. I like opening boxes, thank you very much for the gifts. Let's talk about legalization and what it actually means.

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