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Weed Trek - The Razor Edge

(Episode 13) Views:
January 04 2020:
Captain Aaron got a haircut. And stuff, and things... and Tuna Kush is the strain of the day.

Weed Trek - Seasonal Affective Disorder

(Episode 12) Views:
December 21 2019:
You can defeat SAD without pills or chemical drugs. It is all in the mind, recognize your triggers and be stronger than them.

Weed Trek - The Star Wars Agenda

(Episode 11) Views:
December 11 2019:
The anti-free speech agenda has now infiltrated mainstream movies and media, using proactive groups.

Weed Trek - Be A Better Person

(Episode 10) Views:
December 10 2019:
Just Captain Aaron on the show tonight. Just to be fair: Trigger Warning! Im off (or on) about free speech again as usual.

Weed Trek - Mark Of The Beast

(Episode 09) Views:
November 22 2019:
We run into a catsteroid belt and hit some of them. Tonights strain is Gorilla Glue number 4, a locally and legally grown sample.

Weed Trek - White Cys Kush

(Episode 08) Views:
November 01 2019:
We do not know the name of the sample strain, so it is now White Cys Kush. Talking Trump and stuff and things tonight!

Weed Trek - Question For TheWeedtube

(Episode 07) Views:
October 20 2019:
Join us as we try out the first space suit, and try out the King Tut.

Weed Trek - Captain Aaron New Record

(Episode 06) Views:
October 11 2019:
Join us as we wait for the call for re-up. Tuna Kush is the strain for tonight! Captain Aaron blows away his personal joint rolling record, here on YOUR favorite TheWeedtube show, WEED TREK.

Weed Trek - Ten Second Beauty Challenge

(Episode 05) Views:
October 06 2019:
Join us for MK Ultra Kush tonight as we put a few claims to rest, namely how our joints are fails because somebody presumes we are leaving massive gaps in the ends. Step up to the ten-second challenge. Can YOU make a nice joint in under ten seconds?

Weed Trek - Mission Failure

(Episode 04) Views:
October 03 2019:
The Warp Engine is failing, we might fix it in time, might not. Join us for Rockstar Kush tonight on your favorite show... Weed Trek. Share us on your facebooks and twitters.

Weed Trek - Third Moon Of Pluto

(Episode 03) Views:
September 28 2019:
Join us in sampling Rockstar Kush on our way to the third moon of Pluto to arrange a delivery. Our in-between away mission episode simply MUST be shared on your facebooks and twitters.

Weed Trek - Are You Part Of The Problem

(Episode 02) Views:
September 17 2019:
We made it back from our away mission. Find out if we get another call and join us for our sample strain LA Confidential.

Weed Trek - Little Moon On The Prairie

(Episode 01) Views:
September 09 2019:
The delivery must be made to the little moon of the prison moon of Cache Creekian 5. Join us on our away mission. Tonight the strain is death bubba.

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